Sunday, 2 June 2013

Local birding today

Sunday - 2 June 2013

Local birding this morning with an early start. Off up the Goyt Valley before 07:00 to see what was happening. Checked on the redstart family that I had followed last year, with a couple of friends. We had become very attached to the male who was ringed in Devon as age at least 2 on 3 May 2007. This makes him at least 8 years old now. Quite amazing record!
Anyway back to today, we were unsure when the egg laying had taken place so didn't know when the young would hatch. Good news is that the male was busily flying around and entering the nest, the female came out and flew away into the woodland. So it looks like there are some young hatched, further visits in the week.
I am not recording the location of this site on this blog. Sadly we had an incident locally where someone picked up on one of our local birds, a little owl, that was located on an area of private land that local birders can access on foot. This idiot approached the nest tree and as a result the bird moved. Hence my reluctance to disclose nest sites on the internet.
Also present were many hirundines nesting nearby, willow warbler singing in the woodland along with a wren.
Below are some images from the redstart family taken last year, showing male, female and juvenile.

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  1. Phil I must try to get a trip out with you one day soon for this family - excellent images from last years family shown here.... very nice!