Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Day 9 - Wednesday 8 June

Time is flashing by now, Easter is over so we can visit areas which would have been popular with local families having a picnic over the holiday period. There was only one place in mind and it has been eagerly awaited - Achladeri Forest, the famous kruper's nuthatch site. 

However to start the day I was off out early again around the Saltpans, only one species photographed today - the black -headed bunting and in a different setting. I did however have a flyover male mallard.

We were first there and immediately on the bird, we stood back and enjoyed the action with adults coming in to feed their young, it was just magical and the bird I had been most looking forward to seeing. Of course there were a few photographs taken as well, not as close as some but I am happy with them and they serve as a great reminder of the bird.

Next stop was to be the Polichnitos saltpans, we were really disappointed here. There were birds here but no new ones for us and our anticipated carpets of wildflowers did not materialise. Decision was taken to move onto Alikoudi pool. We found the track easily and then after about 500m found we couldn't get down any further. It looked like irrigation of the fields had run off and the track was impassable for our car. Then I had the experience of reversing up the narrow track. It hadn't seemed much driving down, it was hard reversing back up it!

Where next? Decision taken to go back 'Up North' and try and find the quarry for the blue rock thrush. Result, straight onto it and again no apologies for number of images, there could have been many more! 

Firstly the female, more distant so again a record only.

and now the 'blue bird'!

Sadly the light was bad with it now being cloudy and quite dark in the quarry, I was on ISO 1600 so there is a bit of noise.

Last place for the day was again the Saltpans and this little owl was sat watching us on the track.

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