Monday, 27 May 2013

Day 2 - Wednesday 1 May
Very smooth and trouble free journey, collected baggage and met our taxi to the Hotel Pasiphae in Skalla Kallonis. On arrival at the hotel we were told we could have our rooms shortly and had breakfast. After an couple of hours rest we went for a walk. Initially we walked to the Kalloni Pool, in years gone by this was one of the primary birding locations, there were the usual warblers one would expect in wetlands, plus house and spanish sparrows. Nightingales were singing in various locations and hirundines everywhere. We continued thorough to the beach where in previous years we'd had kentish plover and hoopoe - nothing! A stroll to the village and our first visit to Dionysos Taverna for lunch and a much needed drink, the weather was superb, clear and very warm. After a leisurely break we then set off to walk to the Tsiknias river, there were many species to been seen on the walk, hirundines, olivaceous warbler, cetti's warbler, nightingale, little stint, wood sandpiper and yellow-legged gulls to name nut a few.Onward to the lower ford, this was relatively quiet in the heat of the day, temperature being in the 30'sc.
We were wilting at this stage as stupidly we had set off without any water! So it  was back to the hotel for a drink and shower before dinner, again in the village. Our next day was the day out with Steve Dudley to the West of the island. We had decided to book our car to be delivered in the evening after we got back form this hence our walking today.
Our evening meal was at the Dionysos Taverna in Skala Kallonis to join up with other birders for the evening social event. Sadly we had misjudged the missed nights sleep and had to leave early, all shattered. Apologies to the people we missed!

Yellow-legged gull
Egyptian grasshopper

Another egyptian grasshopper (Anacridium aegyptum)

In the evening we went to the 

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