Sunday, 22 September 2013

Back in France

September 2013

Back in France, bit of birding and general holiday stuff to keep herself happy. Planning a visit to Sene, it was closed at the time of our last visit. I'd made the mistake of planning a visit in the early morning as my experience tells me the birds are most active. Clearly not in Southern Brittany as the reserve didn't open until 14:00!

Places planned for birding are Sene, Briere, Duer Marshes and the local area to our gite.

She who must be has planned visits to various places to coincide with market days.

The weather forecast is very good for the duration of our holiday!

Thursday 19 September

Today, 1st day, Sene planned. Up early, breakfast, nice weather, gear ready, quick look at the reserve leaflet (in French) for hides etc. Check opening hours, find reserve closed on 31 August!!!!! Only open Sunday afternoons. Am I mistaken, is this not migration time, are there no birders here other than me! I should have learnt from last time to read up first.

Change of plans to now visit Duer Marshes and Suscinio.

The salt marsh along this stretch of coast is excellent. I'd remembered a raised area where I could overlook a large part of it using the scope and wasn't disappointed. The tide was ebbing so all the birds were fairly distant nevertheless there were :

>20 spoonbills
Countless little egrets
Spotted redshank
Various gulls
Bar-tailed godwits

Onto Suscinio where herself wanted to visit the chateau. Parked up and walked to the imposing chateau and thankfully she had decided she didn't want to go in, external views ok for me!

Went down to the beach and parked up. First birds was a mixed flock of goldfinches, adults and many juveniles. It was quiet on the beachside bushes until I noticed a pair of stonechats, stunners but nor co-operative on the photographic front.

After the initial disappointment of the day it ended up right good and enjoyable, especially in the good weather.

A visit to Sene now planned for Sunday afternoon.

The weather is panning out as forecast, lovely and mild with pleasant sunshine.

Turtle dove heard from the garden (Saturday), rushed to get bins but couldn't locate it and it had gone silent. 

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